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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Before i begin my bloggin proper. I dont like it when im dragged into a conversation which doesnt concern me.

U dont like her, u wanna diss her on her blog, that's YOUR problem with her. Its NOT MINE in anyway. So dont drag me into it. And why the fuck are u comparing me with DAWN yang's ASS. PLEASE LA. I dont even wanna compare myself with her. *roll eyes

Besides, im contented with my features('cept my nose) and that i don have to undergo any plastic surgery. *OOPS i aint hinting she did. Den again, she has never denied going through plastic surgery anyway.

And if u wanna create a big fuss with the other anonymous and the author herself over at HER blog. den do it. It's none of my business wad. I reckon

the amount of time bloggers spend on blogging = the amount of time flamers spend on flaming other people.


2 years ago when i started blogging, the "now-called BLOGOSPHERE" was pure and clean. no containmination of such flamers around. People could blog out their thoughts and do/say what they want on their blogs.

RIGHT NOW? u cant even make a single comment and not have anybody dissing you about it. I aint surprise why bloggers are subsequently closing down their blogs. At least we bloggers write and share wad we feel and wad we do. We dont hide in the dark unlike anonymous flamers whom i believe can only do so behind the box. I would at least say, we are more upright.

I also never quite understood what is the problem with such people. if they dont like what they are seeing, they can always click on the red X button on the top right hand corner and never visit that site again.

BUT they choose to return and post more nasty comments. How much free time have they got?
Madness. It amuses me when i think about such losers who can only hide behind their monitor and try to bring the blogger down by posting nasty and disgusting remarks.


Now i cant even blog what i think/feel like saying cause people are reading my blogs. Im very tempted to password it again. But i hate having to go through the entire process of notifying my friends about the password. Besides i might have left some of them out. And even with the password up, LOSERS who are DETERMINED to bring you down, will try their best to hack it.

SO time wasting. But i'm still considering it. And no i wont change/move my blog again. Im far too lazy to have to re-do everything. I've moved from xanga( siLentLuV_shar to dorchadas) to blogspot( obstinated-romancer).

With people watching my back, i cant even blog properly and decently. Must i have to blog in such a manner to please people. It's meant to be MY BLOG? wad's wrong with the people nowadays.

Maybe its time to agree with my boy. They need a brainwash. =)

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