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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2 more days 2 more days.. TO ULTIMATE FREEDOM and fun work.

I cant wait to start work at indochine.. and for the VERY FEW RARE times, me in white. OH DAMN IT...why cant it be black...BLACK IS SO MUCH COOLER PLS...

Stupid woman held be back by another 30mins. Actually not her fault. IT's that 2 twigs fault. I HATE TWIGS LA. why? because TWIGS BREAK. HAHAHAHA
i dont wish to go into details. 'cept that they took 30mins to pick a pair of earring and giggle giggle giggle.

And keep putting the earring to her ear. IT WONT SUDDENLY BECOME EXCEPTIONALLY PRETTY LA. *curses and swears.

Anyway, sales was EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD TODAY, at least for a tuesday. =) and i hate it when she takes the credit. >.< I MADE SO MUCH SALES IN THE MORNING K... stupid woman.. pffftttt

2 more days 2 more days..

OH and there's an outburst of japanese girls in the late evening. I reckon they came back from their tour. LOL so many, all in their school uniform somemore. =) but but but

I am more interested in men in uniform. *grins.
not the NS uniform. But uniform lk pilot, policemen, sailors etc... *smirks

oh and did i mention my old shades is spoilt. and i had to get a new one. And i FINALLY bought a new lip balm. Cause my lips are cracking and peeling and chapping TERRIBLY. cause of the cold weather... *BRRRRR*

oh and for people who wanna buy me xmas gifts, please kindly let me know. Currently pple that's confirm getting smth from me are as follows :

MY BOY - *secret*
IMMELIA - either the crystal crown belt OR the clover leaf pendant.
RACHAEL - its a wedding cum xmas present.

OMG i feel so utterly broke even before i bought the presents.

my dad has to farking step on tail at this time. trust me, i cant wait CANT WAIT AT ALL TO MOVE OUT OF THIS STUPID HOUSE. anybody willing to take me in. I WILL BE WILLING TO PAY RENTAL OF CUZ. =)

oh where was i, oh yah xmas presents. Im still deciding if i should get anything for other pple. BROKE LA.....

and my lip balm taste like cocoa butter. but i bought the vitamin E one wad. Why does it taste like cocoa butter? it even smells like cocoa butter. unless they pack wrongly and label it VITAMIN E when its cocoa butter.

*laughs i should have stick to mint.

im so tired.... i shall go and prepare and sleep already.
im suffering from a stupid migraine. i think i think too much. Use too much of my poor rusty brain. And now its not use to thinking, so it hurts.

imma stick with you
oh baby
nobody ever made me feel this way
imma stick with you

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