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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To everybody : yes im feeling much better now. Despite from the fact that im easily teared and very prone to crying anytime i feel low. *grins

And did i mention i was crying so hard i nearly had an asthma attack. I AM NOT KIDDING K!!! I was really crying that hard.

Picture this : Uncontrollabe tears flowing down the cheeks and water-tap like mucus oozing out from the nostrils, and difficulty in breathing and had to keep taking one big mouth of breath in between every sniff.

I put on heaps of my stupid MAC concealer(which is running low on supply too) to cover the sore'ness of the eye when i went to work. And surprisingly, yesterday time passed SO fast, before i know it, im saying bye to my neighbours and heading home. Perhaps cause i kept doing work. Fixing necklaces, re-arranging items, making new necklaces, checking stock, replenishing stock.

I didnt know it was time until my boss said "WHA ALREADY 8 o'clock arh". I looked at my watch, looked at her, said " yea, so fast. I thought its only 7." And then i looked down and continue with my work.

I have never been so hard working in my entire life. (NOT TRUE)

Anyway, talking about my neighbours. I was telling imm yesterday that.

I HAVE AN ADMIRER AT MY WORKPLACE. oh fark. Thanks very much, cause i dont exactly need it right now!

HOW I KNOW? because..................

One fine boring quiet day, on the pavements of Le Meridien hotel. The pasar malam people outside were discussing and gossiping and chit-chatting away. Ever - kpo sharmain went and chap in.

They people were happily discussing somethings that I didnt know( like always). Suddenly, crystal turned, look at me and said(in chinese) " got people like you. "

I gave her my ever blur-looking "huh-what-is-going-on" look. They looked at each other den burst out laughing. I said "i dont dare to come to work anymore" to get out of the awkward situation.

Following that incident, later that day. This fair-skinned lady who had really good complexion whom i reckon is the sister of this guy came to the shop. At 1st, she linger around the front of the shop while i stood on the stairs stoning away.

She then proceeded to walk towards me and started talking. Topic : warning me about some chinese guy who tried to steal her handphone. I saw it as a helpful warning, thank her and she slowly walked away.

As far as my "ever-terrible-and-lousy" memory can remember ( somehow this sentence sounds wrong. but heck it), a couple of days later(10 Nomember, thursday). How i remember? because thursday is payday and i remember vividly that i had walked from le meridien to somerset UOB bank to deposit my pay.

I walked out of the shop, bid goodbye to hafi and this indonesian lady, and simply walk past the rest of the pasar malam stalls. ( i aint very close to them.) Suddenly, from a voice behind me, somehow shouted(said loudly) " Never say bye bye to ah xiong arh? "

Thought that it'd be polite to just bid all of them (including ah xiong, whom i have no idea who iszit) goodbye. I turned, smiled, and said " byebye everybody!" and left.

I sweared i heard lots of gossiping voices and giggles.

Yesterday. I was on my way to the toilet with the water bottle in my hand(swinging it along). I walked past the pasar malam stalls. And then someone shouted " AH XIONG". I decided to pretend i didnt hear it and just walk away. Then again, there's no reason for me to turn around since my name is NOT ah xiong. *laughs

Some moments later, the very same lady who had warned me about the hp-stealing guy came back to the shop and chit-chatted with me. Striking up a conversation by asking about some of the accessories first.

Some questions she asked
" U working here har?" (obviously. do i look like the boss? )
" That spectacle lady is the boss har?" (DOH. if not why she come here everyday?)
" How old are you arh? "
" I'm 18 this year."
My boss had then came back from the toilet, and she had left the shop promptly too.

She didnt ask about my race cause as much as i look non-chinese. I made a point to speak chinese to her during our 1st conversation cause she spoke to me in her very weird sounding english.

When i left the shop to go home. I saw them whispering in voices and looking at me. And her was supposedly telling her brother something.

And i always thought _my _oh was bad enough to cause me to dread going to work.

Anyways, i just realised that i didnt put up my WISHLIST on my right column. and i thought i did. HAHA..

I'm still pondering if i should get the polo-t(s). Trust me, i look good in collars. HEH

OH! my elder sister bought the digicam already. CANON IXUS 55. And i had to do everything for her. I hope she's serious about the handphones too. (prays real hard). Im too broke to buy my own phone now. Though there's always something called DADDY.

I wanna get it on the 1st week of december. Such that my phone is exactly 1 year old and people cannot use " ur phone is not even 1 year old " excuse to try and disuade me from getting a new phone. Furthermore, my phone is dying. Seriously dying.

I would most probably get the VS6 since imms said that the VS7 looked UGLY cause of the big camera hole in the front. And the 4 screws. LOL.

Gonna change my layout tonight. At least i'd have something to do. And perhaps it'd tire me much more such that i wont sleep at 4 or 5am.

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