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Monday, November 21, 2005

THAT entry was not a death note.

It's suicidal, yes it is. i still am. BUT NO, not cause of him. He wasn't the main cause. He was merely the last missing piece that would have put my pathetic life together.

I guessed, things are fine now. Either it REALLY IS FINE. or there's a motive behind it. Then again, i shall not go too deep into it and take it as its fine now. 3 cheers to me.

I lost 2 kg over the past 3 days. Due to my deliberate starvation. And eating only one meal a day. I ate the most today. bloody. I had papaya salad ( da-em som in thai ) for lunner. And i shared Bk's caesar salad with immelia.

STILL. that's 2 kg. Im thinking if i should carry on with my deliberate starvation. Since i haven really have the appetite to eat. My stomach growls and i let it growl. Its not good but it doesnt bother me that much.

MY supposedly fit nicely jeans has became loose and its falling off my hips now. So thus i had found a quick remedy to quick weight loss if i need to lose a few kils. HAHAHA!! but its not that good for health. *nods

ZiQuan gave over to visit us both at work and to pass me some CD-R to help him burn songs. *laughs. and i decided i shall make use of him to indirectly let the pasar malam pple know that im attached and that they'd stop doing the "ah xiong" thingy to me.

I couldnt tell it to that ah xiong face to face because WE DONT EVEN TALK TO EACH OTHER.
Thus i thought of just hugging him when he arrived but nope there was no hug. Dont ask me why. LOL however immelia's constant ranting of " SO SWEET. I dont wanna be lightbulb, i go toilet" should have been more than enough to alert the others.

Blimey blimey.

Hope they stay off my back from now.
I am attached NOT TO ZIQUAN. but to that very special you. ZiQuan is none other den my good friend who is almost my sis-ta. HE's a gay. =(

Caught harry potter in the morning before reporting to work. IT's an UTTER DISAPPPOINTMENT. Friends of mine who havent not watched it, please dont carry on reading. Im going to start ranting on how terrible it is. SPOILER I AM. wadever

1. There had been no signs of DOBBY or WINKY(the house elves) in the entire show AT ALL. they aren't that important. But they had been important roles and was supposed to make the entire story and the masterplan behind everything work out. Now it just didnt make sense.

2. There had been no QUIDDTICH MATCH in the entire movie AT ALL. The match between the IRISH and the other team(i forgot the name and im lazy to refer to the book now) was not showned at all. Other den the opening ceremony where u merely see both teams showing off how well they can fly and how good VICTOR KRUM IS.

3. Speaking of VICTOR KRUM. He was not supposed to look so built and errr WELL. he looked pretty sickly and pale and fair in the book. ITS SO DIFFERENT. And he was supposed to not give a hoot about how the girls go gaga over him. But he was irritated by it in the movie. SO VERY WRONG.

4. Fleur had hardly spoke in the stupid show except for max 10lines. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE. she was supposed to talk. OMG

5. The VEELAS didnt even dance. they were supposed to be dancing. And they were supposed to be enchanting too. BUT NO. NONE OF IT. they showed nothing about anybody being enchanted into dancing with the veelas at all.

6. There had been no scenes at all showing how Harry had prepared and practise for his Triward tournament. He wasnt a top student like his mom and he was supposed to be busy practising his summoning spell and his charms and EVERYTHING. but NONE OF IT.

7. There was no big hoo-haa about the rita seeker and how she found out some of the things that werent told to her. NO. NOTHING AT ALL.

8. DUMBLEDORE WAS FAR TOO ACTIVE. he was not supposed to be fierce and active and so NON DUMBLEDORE`ISH. HE was supposed to be nice, slow, soft-spoken. OMG ITS SO NOT REAL.

9. madam maxine wasnt supposed to be taller den hagrid. and she was supposed to be FAT... not TALL AND SKINNY.

10. Cedric Diggory and Harry was supposed to be opposite each other when they were runing towards the Triwizard cup. and not running SIDE BY SIDE. and the spell he had used to freed CEDRIC was EXPELLIARMUS and not wadever bombing spell he had used.

JK ROWLING would have been as disppointed as i am if she watched the movie which i reckon she did. she must be really DISAPPOINTED.

IT HAD DIFFER FAR FAR FAR too much from the books. There had been more spoilers. but i thought im too lazy to rant on.

I AM DISAPPOINTED. my imagination from reading the book was SO MUCH BETTER den the movie itself.

And i have pple asking about my nose piercing. 1stly i repeat. its not cause I WANNA INFLICT PAIN UPON MYSELF. a small part yes. i merely.. hmm lets see

i am proud to say that i have nice features.
My eyes, My lashes, My lips. They are good. Not perfect but good enough to get me through. MY only problem is that my nose is too big. and thus i had the nose piercing to BEAUTIFY MY NOSE.

Explanation done. Im tired. And rach's wedding is approaching. OMG i need to give ang bao. =(

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That's very much me at work today. Reading through something which i cant exacty remember. I am very accessorize because our boss has told us to wear accessories cause we are selling acceossories. O.O

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And that's US at work. When the cat's away. The mice will play. =) and yes i know u can see my nose stud.

Its another boring night for me.

I cant help falling in love with you.
[copyright of immelia aka dalilprincess]

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