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Friday, November 18, 2005

Thanks to everybody who has asked how am i now. I'm fine yet not that fine. Im more of angry rather den upset. More of infuriated rather den depressed. Cause of the fact that i felt cheated and betrayed. Cause of the fact that i felt used. And every nonsensical reason u can help me think of la.

For those that is unsure why am i acting like this. Kindly read this entry. Then i supposed u will feel the same way as i am.

"Are we still together?"
EH SORRY, WRONG QUESTION LA. U SHOULDNT BE ASKING ME LEI. ASK HIM LA. HE TREAT ME LIKE THAT, machiam im not even his girlfriend in the 1st place. So lets see.
westlife song - you cant lose what u never had. Get it? If no, please brush up on your english. *laughs

And if he decides that I AM STILL HIS GIRLFRIEND. Den i think, till i see some actions done from him. Then i tell u guys k. In the meantime, i guess im just, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. *GOSH

Appreciated the fact that people has gave me naggy advices. LOL naggy but yea its the thought that counts. So i do appreciated it even if u just pop me "ARE U OKAY" of which u stopped replyin me after that. HAHAHAHA

Boss's leaving for "dont know what country" to get some stock, to stock up for the upcoming festive season. *laughs


"Thk u 4 yr hard work. I appreciate u v.much. I can see e potential in u, u r v. hardworking n willing to improve. I wl reward u and promote u when i open a new shop early next yr. b patient. I treat all of u like my daughters. sometime i rebuke n at times i praise. this is 4 yr own gd. hope u can acpt it. keep up wth yr gd wk"

i hope u can laugh along with me.
As much as i felt good, i felt funny.

Joke 1. Me and imm will be qutting once we found another job. Which i reckon is soon. So thus, i wont even be around to see her new shop.

Joke 2. I dont wish to have a mother like her.

Joke 3. Promote me. TO WHAT? shop owner? LOL. Or wad CEO?

Joke 4. Potential? WHAT POTENTIAL? lol im merely working as a sales girl lei. Not a creative director or wad.

Joke 5. Reward me? How much? 1k? 10k? or 20bucks? HAHA

She makes me laugh.

Okies. Towning soon with imm. I WANNA WATCH HARRY POTTER!!!!

and all the timings today/tommorrow sucks.

I feel poor~

Loving u more everyday.
[copyright of immelia]

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