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Friday, November 11, 2005


the painful working period is over. Cause imms exams are 90% over?

did i mention that she asked her church friend ( aka semi-retard ) over to help. She's a FULL-TIME PERMANENT worker who doesnt help out much. As much as im SUPPOSED TO GUIDE HER and HELP HER OUT so that she can HELP ME OUT. I'd rather do all the work myself.

And i dont know what is the problem with her, but she's always 'spying' on me. Keep asking me WHAT ARE U EATING? IS THAT UR LUNCH? HAVE U TAKEN UR LUNCH. From certain points, a nice lady whose showing concern. But not when she asks the same questions 3 times over a period of 15 mins. ITS ANNOYING.

_MY _OH owes me $12.80(3 days commission) of my pay!!!

Joa went out with MR M. Qi went out with EDLIAM. HEY! why am i not getting any dates. LOOK - GUYS PLEASE!!! dates with girls are OUTINGS!! had a terrific outing with imms yesterday which has resulted in TONNES of laughter.

Eyed on someone who had a very queer sense of dressing.

Image hosted by

On closer look :

Image hosted by

SHOES WITH NEON STRIPS!!!! *screamssss...........

Headed over to Cine and saw a couple of very shiny glossy looking shoes.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

VERY VERY Glossy indeed. LOL so glossy u can see the reflections of the lamps in the background. HAHAHAHAHA


Image hosted by


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Strawberry-dippped chocolate.

Imms had strawberries. I had green apples. YUMMY!! oh and imms said the 2 boys were flirting with us. LOL i laughed.
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Was eating my apple-dipped chocolate and a drop of chocolate dropped and fell onto my RIGHT BOOB. For the sake of fun, i had conveniently asked imms to get a very cute ang moh and get him to lick off the chocolate for me. *grins.

It's meant to be a joke. and i made a joke about imms BIG BALL OF REDDISH FLESHED strawberry. I was very dirty-minded yesterday indeed. *shakes head.

Nonetheless, had a fun day. And more coming up later on with missy joa. Bugis-ing. JEANS please and i need more 'non-denim' skirts. LOL..

a couple of pics taken the other night on joa's last night of freedom.

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I love pretzels.

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