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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i think this deliberate starvation is causing some side effects. OH NO. 1stly, a very predictable one, GASTRIC PAIN.

Didnt eat anything since yesterday's half a caesar salad and my stomach was growling damn badly while at work. U see, imm's having her last paper today at 2pm and thus i decided to just open the shop for her instead. Thus i had not had my breakfast nor lunch. I waited till almost 4pm before i had my lunner.

That's more than 12 hours without me. YES i have been going on 1-meal-a-day diet. Thus i'm having my gastric. FIRST TIME EVER. never once had gastric and i finally know how uncomfortable it feels.

The fact that my stomach no longer growls and grumble but instead i feel lk something is pressing against it and is making me wanna vomit is HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE. This kind of diet was not meant for long term anyway.

And in the midst of our meal, immelia was sitting opposite me, she looked at me, stared at my chest area, and said " Shar, are u okay? U look like u got exzema. You're having an outbreak of red spots."

I went to the nearest mirror and i took a look at my chest. NOT MY BOOBS, my chest area. FILLED WITH RED-RASH LIKE SPOTS. i didnt take a picture cause it didnt occur to me.

IT LOOKED REALLY UGLY. the fact that it only grew on my chest area. not my back, nor my arms nor my body. nowhere but only my chest. i figured, it might have something to do with my lungs thingy. Since yesterday ziquan happily smoked in front of me and i had hell of a time coughing.

MIGHT. i dont know wad else had caused the red spots. They were non itchy nor painful. They werent even protruding. Its just underneath the skin. RED spots. EWWWW

For a minute i felt ugly.

Went to take a rest at the back of the shop, in the arm chair. since im only supposed to work 6 hours today. Shouldnt i TAKE A NAP!! LOL not like she'd pay me for the full 9 hours im going to be there anyway. And thus i took a one hour nap. Woke up and the spots are GONE. *phew.

i wont want it to stay anyway.

SHE wanted me to help me promote her boxers. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. So here you go.

Image hosted by

It read CALVIN KLEIN. i love CK. dont u too?

And here's me taking a reading break. I CAN HAVE 3 hours of break remember??

Image hosted by

I am undeniably RE-reading the entire series of HARRY POTTER. Beginning with the sorcerer's stone AGAIN. and that's the arm chair i slept it. and i looked pale. cause i have been too lazy to apply makeup.

Go work only look so pretty for wad. Not like i wanna go there and seduce guys wad. Besides, today weather in COLD. thus im wearing my jeans and my fav blue top. i look good in collars.

I had became the kopi-mei for the people at my work place. Went to get my lunch and they ended up asking me to buy all the kopi-c, milo,milo-peng,teh-o for them.

i love you i love you i love you
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