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Sunday, November 20, 2005

She was 14, a young 14
When problems arised.
Family disputes,sibling rivalries
Home was no longer home.
Friend and virtuality came into picture,
Interests were her main concern.
A top student she was,
she dived to none.
Life took a huge turn and it was all topsy turvy.
Family quarrels became a daily habit
and she took it the easy way out
Running away from her problems,
she ran away from home.
Betrayal from friends,
made her sunk to her deepest.
She set a resolution as the year ended
and things start to change.

Life as a 15 year old was nonetheless boring
Less excitment less fun.
Studies became her priority
Rebellious she was by nature
She tamed down.
With grades that flew up high,
she stood proud

Sweet 16 was filled with sweetness
Friends you'd call Friends
Those who'd never stop being there.
Fiery and hot tempered she was
It all died away
Along came a man who changed her
In more ways than many other
She changed through and through.
No longer was there anger, impatience and revenge
Replaced by patience, tolerance, forgiveness.
Love sparks was in the air
Love she has never felt.

JC life was tough
but not tougher than coping with the loss of him and friends
Friends she was so accustomed to
Friends she had taken for granted.
Studies took its second dip,
due to difficulty in understanding.
Perserverance, she made it through
with family quarrels still as often
and hostility too

2005 was the best ever
She quitted JC after much considerations
Into the society she came
And more friendships formed
Loving him ever so much
An old relationship reformed.
Promises made and she stood by
He had been everything to her
Everything she could ever wished for
She was contented.
Joa Qi Ying the bestest of all
Immelia was her love
Side by side, they stood with her
Through the good and the bad.
And when she thought life has changed for the good
He committed the greatest sin of all
Forgiveness, she gave him
Willingness to take him back
Refusal to let go, for she had given him her everything.
The man she had so trusted
The man that had given her promises.

No anger, No hatred
She continued to love
Wishing for the best
Wishing for the good
A mountaineous road she had came
She had seen more than enough
Been through more than enough
But there's a limit to everything
Enough is enough
She has been an extraordinary girl
who can take it no more
She's none other me

A life, a road i came thurs far
I am wad i am because of you
Dont tell me there's things I haven't seen
Cause ive already been through the worst.
Life is but a fallacy
I had lived with minimal regrets
If you had chosen the other way
It's my deepest regret
Regretful and guilty for not treating you well enough
I apologise for my mistakes.
To my grave, I'd bring along my darkest secrets
Which i see no need in explaination to anybody

A story i had lived to tell.
My story i had told.
To all my friends, i'd love you still
And i will as long as i remember.
To that special you
My love for u is undying,
please dont doubt it
Not a single bit.
If that's one thing, that makes me smile
Its seeing how i've made you smile.

Till death do us apart

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