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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rec'd miss imms message to meet up in the afternoon. Woke up and turned on my com. Bloody hell, my stupid connection is giving me a real headache.

Prepared and met her at marsiling station cause we were heading down to Regent Heights at Bukit Batok to pick up the kids. In case u still dont know, introducing to you...

Image hosted by

I hope they dont mind me ripping off this pic from their blog.
M.A.T.K Inc's GIRLS, previously known as Mummy's Angels.
THIS is the direct link to their blog.

They're a bunch of kids who had taken part in many competitions and is yes quite well known. U might have seen them on some magazines etc.. And they are immelia's NIECES.

Thus we both had trained and bus`ed down to their house to pick them up. They are only kids of ages 7,10,13. =)

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US on our way to their house.

Sprang a surprise on them by appearing. LOL quickly helped them prepared and set off for town. Damn the rain.

Image hosted by
From left to right : sharmain(That's me), Liyana, Syazlin, Atrisya. I hope i got their names correctly.

Me with the kids at Bukit Gombak mrt station. Arent they just adorable. *say cheese...

They were so adorable. Grooving to their mp3 while in the train down to dhoby ghaut. *laughs and yes many pple were looking at 'em groove.

Bought an ear stud from our shop so that atrisya can wear it. Bought aviators for imm's er ge. And we headed to cine for dinner. LOL

Long john silver. i didnt finish my food. =) the kids were so cute. From the way they eat to the things they say.

ZQ came over while we were DDR`ing at the arcade. LOL they the dance goddess cant DDR for nuts. LOL it was definitely a hilarious scene. HAHAHAHA

Walked to pacific plaza adidas to check out the missy series of clothes aka the crown series. Sadly, the jackets were out of stock. And i was suffering from some "not feeling too well" symptons.

Walked over to far east to wait for their mother's arrival and finally sat down at BK for zQ to settle his dinner. *laughs

Image hosted by

ME with the girls again.

Image hosted by

IN her er ge's avaitors. =)

Had free gelare waffle cause their mom paid for it. We 3 ( me, imms and zQ) shared 2 large ones. OF which i only ate half or less.

ZQ had to somehow hug me while walking in the rain cause we were sharing umbrella. Before u think crooked hor. Let's analysis the situation.
Both me and imm has an umbrella and zQ doesnt have one. As i was standing nearest to him and im closer to him too, i shared the umbrella with him.
Question, why dont i share with imm, and let him have the entire umbrella to himself.
Answer , cause it'd look gay.

Have u ever seen a man carrying an umbrella. Not the big big kind but the small small ones where girls always bring and put in their bags.

Thus i figured, it'd look EXTREMELY GAY if he was to be carrying the stupid umbrella all by himself. LOL and for a short 5-10 seconds, he had to hug me otherwise we both will be drenched. *laughs

and my favourite pic of the day :

Image hosted by

the weather's cold thus i had kept wearing my "amyfied" jacket almost the entire day. =)

And for now, id just have to stop writing and prepare to sleep. I spend an entire hour putting all the pieces of the blog together and another hour blogging this.

And i am sick. I am still coughing and i am feverish. =)
Pray for speedy recovery k.

Take away my life,
Take away my heart
but please
dont take away my love for you.

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