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Thursday, November 24, 2005

my younger sister, got a whooping 175 points for her PSLE results.


*shakes head*

its a disgrace i had inherited all the clever and intelligent genes. For this i do not blame her. *laughs

IM STILL SO GONNA SCREAM AT HER FOR GETTING 175.THAT IS LIKE 25 marks above the overall passing mark. which means an avg of 7-8 marks above the passing mark for every subject she took.

i cannot believe it. Im in a current state of shock. I will deal with her when i come home from work. And i will be choosing the school she's going to. SHE IS DEFINITELY NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT TO PRESBYTERIAN HIGH.

i am so gonna make her suffer and post her to a school far far away from woodlands and let her understand the pain and torture for attaining such tremendouly poor grades. Since her choices of school is soooooooo limited.

175 iszit normal acad or normal tech?

i wont be surprise if its normal tech. SHE's a loser.

im a bad sister. *smiles

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