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Thursday, November 24, 2005

My very last day of freedom. The boss is back in town. And the mices worked hard at night to keep the shop clean and tidy. =)

And imms had unhappily nearly vacuum a bracelet with the vacuum cleaner. We all know she dont like our boss. *nods

Finally powdered my face today after many days of makeup`less. Didnt wanna affect my nose piercing yet but i thought, i haven look pretty in days. =(

Bimbotic talk in process, dont like it u can skip it. LOL

Ate the most today. 2/3 of a lor mai gai for breakfast. OMG ITS SO OILY.
BK - mushroom swiss dbl meal for lunch. Cause imms wanted to eat it.
Had Pure Vanilla in small size for tea-break?
and Fruits for dinner.

That's quite some food for today. And i hope i wont put on the pounds that i had lost in the past 4 days.

Finally satisfied my cravings for mango. =)

I blow dried my hair today cause i was in the mood too. Girls please take note that it is NOT GOOD TO BLOW DRY UR HAIR. it cases split ends. Let ur hair dry naturally. Just a quick tip.

And i regretted after blow-drying it. My originally flat and straight hair, became even straighter and flatter.

But still, i think i look pretty today. compared to the past 4 days where i had patchy skin. O.O

Was on my way to work when i passed by the kopitiam and this uncle practically stared at me. I bet her had already raped me with his bare eyes. His eyes were following me. Stupid uncles.

Here's a couple of pics from today.
I need RED blushers, cause my blushers never seem to show on photos. o.O

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

i look prettier than the past few days.

no more patchy skin. OMG this is bimbotic.

Okay okay. Im feeling this terrible pain in my throat, which i reckon is the aftermath of the puking incidents.

I drank lots of water. I just hope it'd be better tomorrow.

I wanna be your only one.
Cause u are my only one.
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