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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

MY FAVOURITE TOTE BAG (aka 2004 xmas present) is SPOILT!!!

my favourite compartment of my favourite bag is spoilt. and i am very upset. i have decided to use this to represent my sadness.

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now i need a new tote bag. Is anybody nice enough to get me a new tote bag that is black is color. WITH COMPARTMENTS PLEASE. i admit i am pretty fussy.

Talking about black. I was on my way home when i met my mother on the way. She saw me carrying a plastic bag and she asked " u buy clothes again arh?"

"yah. U wanna see? U wan me to help u buy anot. Nice nice lei"
*open the plastic bag and took out one piece to show my mother.

"WHY BLACK AGAIN!!!" she said and den walked away.

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My mother said i have too many black color tops. I went home and i counted.

About 30-35 pieces of black color tops only wad. ALOT MEH??
NO RIGHT. besides black is a "every-occassion" color. It doesnt hurt to have more wad.

Here's wad i bought(clothes) in the past week.

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5 TOPS!! 3 of which is BLACK. one purple and one brown. the 2 necklaces came free with the long tops that i bought on friday.

I bought 3 feminine polo-t today. Cause i look good in collars so i will buy more clothes with collars? LOGIC WAD...

i now have a collection of 10 collar`ed t-shirts. *laughs

but its still not enough. ITS NEVER ENOUGH.

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Imms performing on SUNDAY at AMK at 4pm. AND YET i cannot go and watch her performance and give her my support. CAUSE I NEED TO WORK. now im sad

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cause my good friend will want me to be there. Can the semi retard/whoever is in charge that day allow me a 2 hours leave to see immelia perform.

I cant wait for friday to come. NEED threading soon. It's been ++/-- a month or so since i visited my regular eyebrow threading salon. And i need my indian bangles too.

And i need to buy more tops from F.O.S at meridien. I will have to run and hide to get away from "her" such that she wont spot me going out with imms that day.

*PS : i do not look that that when i am really upset. It's meant to be a really stupid entry.
im doing this entry not cause im not longer upset. Rather, im just bored and i thought it might serve some entertainment.

i really miss you so much. why cant u understand.

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