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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Life's getting mundane.

Work's getting irritating. I've complained enough about my boss. And now that imms having her exams and is away on leave. Not only do i miss her even more. The fact that stupid _my _oh is irritating the hell out of me is making me wanna kill her even more. O.O

Its just a strong urge,, and i really cannot stand the fact that im putting up with her for NO REASON.

its not as though i cant find a job outside. I AM SURE i can find one. its just that, whether would i enjoy the job or not.

Our plans to boycott are more or less confirmed. come january. SHE'D SUFFER. and being the bad ass me, im cursing her (everyday)...

Grandpa's been confirmed, he is suffering from kidney failure. and he has refused to undergo dialysis. I have nothing to say about it. Cried and cried and cried. But wad's the point of crying when i cant do anything. *slaps ownself.

my mind's in a whirl. Too many things waiting for acceptance. TOO MANY.

Im getting lost, in my own world.

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