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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I've been on deliberate starvation since yesterday.
Ate nothing yesterday except for my SAKAE sushi. Let me tell u wad i ate.
- kakiage ( veggies) [ which i didnt finish.]
- Fried hotate( scallop)
- Kani Tempura(crab stick)
- Fried Tofu
- Pepsi.

End of the list. Every item is small. >.< And for the very 1st time in my life, had someone forced me to eat. Thanks to Zin(my colleague).

Wasnt in the mood to eat, she went to buy mango salad, and made me share it with her. I took a couple of mouth. She then proceeded to buy CHAR KWAY TIAO and made me eat a few mouth too.

I had decided to get my own JUMBU(fruits) to eat. and that's all i had for today. Im hungry, yes i am. But im not in the mood to buy/get my food. No motivation.

Thus i suffer from the "so hungry till u are not hungry anymore" sympton. Work's pretty fine now that she's not around. But she still causes trouble for me. Her endless accusations is draining me.

Dying away...

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