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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


stop trying to find ah xiong on frienster la. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HIM AT ALL OKAY. omg omg.

and besides, im more than delighted to have my boy. I dont even wanna see ah xiong if i can okay. But bo bian hor, he work outside, EVERYDAY CAN SEE ME.

den everyday the uncle aunties out there always wanna gossip and say this say that. i already dread going to work le hor.

my new found love is harry potter. YES HARRY POTTER. im no longer just a fan. HE's my love. DANIEL RADCLIFFE. is he cute or is he cute. i have finally changed my desktop picture from cardcaptor sakura to HARRY POTTER.

for a minute, i hated J K ROWLING. now im so in love with him.

but i'd still love u more.

i'm in the mood to watch the stupid harry potter movie again. Dont ask me why, i just wanna watch it again and see wad other stupid but important details have they left out. Im not going to mutter words into your ears? any takers.

HOLY COW. i haven buy my westlife album. LONGEST EVER, i haven buy their album. _my _oh can u faster gimme my pay anot.

And i need to go and buy the basic theory for driving book. Anybody has it can lend me anot har? I dont wanna waste money to buy it. Since im already going to waste a damn lot of money on the practical lessons itself.

So if u have the basic theory book, and u dont need it. Please lend it to me. Give me also can. I wanna give myself this birthday present before 11 march 2006.

More work, more pay, more driving lessons. Either that woman gimme a pay rise/ huge amount of bonus. Or i'd really need to find another job. With better pay. I wan my stupid driving license.

And im off to bed.

nothing's gonna change my love for you.
[copyright of immelia aka dalilprincess]

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