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Sunday, November 27, 2005

i was THISSSS close to slapping her in her face.

No elaborations. She makes me sick. URGHS

oh, was i famous well-known back in Presbyterian High? There had been 2 incidents so far. The 1st incident happened during the very recent day that i went to joa's hse and conveniently watched Prisoner of Azkaban.

Went to get MACs for supper from the admiralty branch. There was this 2 person sitting there. One of which(the girl) was wearing a new old PHS P.E tshirt. She was studying for her O levels.

She kept looking at me. And she told her friend ( guy ) and they turned to look at me. I walked past them to the counter, they looked at me. They had been sitting near the counter and thus i had overhead their conversation which is something like this.

" SHE is last time PHS one. "
" iszit??"
" yah, confirm. She is ex-phs one. She's the netball captain la. "

*roll eyes.

And today, i was on board a train. Saw this girl ( quite pretty) looking at me through the glass reflections at the platform. Boarded the train, and we stood near each other. And somehow she kept looking at me. She looks young. No way had she known me from JJC. She looks just lk a sec school girl.

She had the " u are from phs " look in her eyes. And i caught her looking at me alot of times!!

Im wondering if she recognise me cause im the so called " fierce and always shouting netball captain"....

I am pretty sure that the 2 girls were not my juniors. As in they were definitely NOT FROM NETBALL. neither were they from ELDDS. not CHINESE ORCHESTRA. Choir? maybe but i dont think so. LOL

Cause i had never seen them before. *laughs

OR had my bad name spreaded so fast that everybody knows to stay out of my way or else id scream at them? I havent been a regular visitor to Presbyterian High ever since my graduation back in 2003.

Important yearly events like tchers day i do turn up. But still... I wonder....
*shakes head.

Oh and i saw my Primary school classmate( i think ) today while at work. I cant remember if she was from netball too. I cant even remember vividly if she was my CLASSMATE. She's definitely a prefect mate. (yes i was a prefect cannot iszit). I think she's from my class. Then again, she might not be. Was she in netball too. Damn i got poor memory.

3 Pri school friends in 3 days. LOL is this a way of asking me to start calling up and asking how are my friends now?

Oh and i wanna faster meet up with Jiabi and my JC mates. LOL
( i suddenly feel i have a complicated life). I wan my 04s20 class t-shirt. And i wanna see them too. I miss them so much...

And A levels is over. And i wanna hear about all the gossips in the school after my departure. OMG OMG...

And i need to start thinking of wad to wear on 20 dec. Is jeans even appropriate for solemnisation?

Oh my god... End of year is always so happening.

I am a happy girl today( before she turned up )...
I TALKED TO A GROUP OF THAI AUNTIES. in very broken thai.
like telling her " this one, sip ha lian(fifteen dollars)"
and asking them " bai nai(going where)"
and saying " u all, swee jing jing(pretty) "

YES THEY ARE PRETTY K. LOL i told them my mom was from chiangmai and they said im pretty. *blush* and i had to say i cant speak very good thai cause my mother speaks chinese to me. LOL lucky one of them had acceptable english. oh yes and i did say "korb kun ka ( thank you)" cause they did buy something from me. And they kept saying im pretty blah blah blah...

Im flattered. *runs to mommy and makes her teach me thai tat shall be my second task once ive up and going with my stupid driving stuffs. =) and yes my lil project too. *winks

dinner for today : a glass of very diluted milo peng. *laughs

my dreams came true.
because of you.
shine on me through my darkest time.
u are my shining star.

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