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Monday, November 14, 2005

I slept at 4, woke up at 10. O.O i knew i can never sleep later den 10am.

Oh wells, forget about yesterday's thrashy post cause i was just so glad and proud of myself, i felt the need to blog it out.

Quick update on the weekend.

Bugis`ed with Joa on friday. Weather these days is a killer. The heat is intolerable,yet it rains so oftenly.

O.oAnyways, was supposed to get my non-denim skirts. However not only did i not buy any bottoms, i ended up buying 2 boho/long tops. Girls never fail to not buy anything(most of the time). Money down the drain, cause i have (supposedly) enough long tops already.

Replenished my supply of contact lens. Figured i'd better get 'em myself, otherwise i'd end up with more blue-colored contact lenses. -.-I wish my parents would still support me (monetary) somehow. No doubt i do have enough for all this crap and is able to support myself now. But a lil help wont die. Especially for necessities like my contact lens...

School somehow seems good.
No work ( no need face stupiud _my _oh everyday).
Got money ( allowance).
More money ( open mouth ask can le ).

I wanna faster return to school la. I've enjoyed ( not really) enough already. School takes ur mind off things. Word's supposed to, but not in my case cause work is boring.

Boredom : Mind strays : Start thinking alot : Depressed.

Like i was saying, the trip to bugis wasnt exactly all the unfruitful. Joa managed to get her tops cheaply. LOL and we were very intrigued by this nail art thingy.Bought 3 eyeliner pencils ( brandless) which comes in dual shade. Kinda cool and cheap. $4.90 each. The solid colors one are at $3.90 each.

i love eyeliners.

Dined over at Bugis cafe ( 2nd floor ). Had this really pepperish grilled chicken. While joa had a ( according to her ) awful tasting seafood sphagetti. *laughs.

Opened our eyes to look out for some nice pendant for the lil one. Though i figured the one she saw on yahoo.auctions is good enough already.

Met her friend ( jill & another friend whose name i do not know ) while shopping. LOL followed her around cause she needed advice on getting the skirts.

Saturday's sun-tanning plan were pretty ruined. Thanks to the morning rain which subsided at roughly at about 9am. Bloody hell, guess joa's more upset over it cause she wanna get brown so much. She even suggested calling sentosa to ask about the weather.

This made me think. THEY SHOULD HAVE SUCH A SERVICE. for people to call up and ask how's the weather like over at sentosa now. Such that people wont make a wasted trip. =)

Went Ktv`ing in the late morning cause she mom's friends were going to her house to look at the china trip photos. *laughs

i so wanna go on a holiday.

Sing Sang Sung... Kbox is WEIRD. They put english MTVs without the lyrics. HOW IS PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO SING??? Weird.

Then again, KTVing is always fun. Cause i can scream and sing anyway i like without people asking me to ( can u stop singing already. )


K LUNCH IS ALWAYS GOOD and cheap. LOL and i still can rmbr how that can of $8 passion fruit like drink taste like. OMG

im hungry and my stomach is growling.

Walked around lot1 a lil. Saw this nail thingy that we saw over at Bugis the other day. Apparently they were selling it at a cheaper price. And lesser variety of colors too.

U pay for the quality. *NODS in agreement. The 2 that i bought. One is stuck and the paint refuses to come out. The other one, the packaging has problem and the paint comes out EVERYWHERE. I wasted my money just like that.

Talking about buying. YAHOO.AUCTIONS SUCKS. i am so very pissed off. They refuse to verify my card number and kept saying its invalid when eBAY and PayPal already verified my card. And i had to give that item a miss. I AM SO UPSEST.

My elder sister said something nice. I was asking them which phone ( VS6 or VS7) should i get. I showed them and my sister said, GET ONE EACH. she get one, i get one. and she'd pay FOR IT. LOL she even said she'd get me a new mp3.

HAPPY i am, but the percentage of it coming true is less den 5% . LOL

Im tired, im depressed, im upset, im going bonkers.

i dont mean no nothing to you.

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