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Saturday, November 05, 2005

i realised, i had conveniently forgotten to wish everybody

SELAMAT HARI RAYA ADILFITRI(i hope i spelled it right)...

anyway's gave sentosa a miss cause i was supposed to visit my grandpa in hospital in the morning. However, i only managed to visit him in the evening. O.O still unsure of his condition cause my uncles havent had the chance to speak to the doctor properly yet.

But my 4th uncle mentioned about KIDNEY!! and he associated it with KFC NKF. I'd be lying if i said i werent worried.

More visits to SGH.

Momo`ed last night again. Joa was in the sudden mood for clubbing and she decided to get me a pair of heels ( so that i can go clubbing with her ) instead of getting me a bag which she had promised earlier. O.O

I still have to get my own bag in the end. Walked 'round Bugis Village in search of Joa's skirt before heading down to MoMo.

Had a couple of funny incidents with the cute-but-not-so-cute-but-is-cute-in-his-own-ways bouncer. LOL

Danced the night away ( with no feet ache complains )... Same music that we had on wednesday. Different company. LOTS and LOTS of guys last night. *shakes head.. And lk Joa said, NONE BOTHERED TO HOOK US UP.

But some guy man asked me for my number. Invited me for supper and offered to send us home which i had kindly rejected. I mean... its hard to explain.

I reckon he's starting to stalk me, cause he started messaging me this afternoon as well. O.O

I can still remember that cute guy in white t-shirt wearing round-diamond shaped glasses.

Had a couple of smiley-incidents with a couple of guys whom didnt dance with me but i think they actually do, but is too shy...

Had a couple of laughing incidents cause of guys that danced funnily.

Had a couple of painful incidents cause i kept getting hit everywhere.

Tired but fun.
Here's a couple of pictures

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

When we finish alcohol, our eyes turn red.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

This is how i look like on thursday morning, after just a short 3 hours of sleep.

MY cousin left me the following testimonial in friendster :

"yo.. i realise ur so VAIN..!but nvm lo..u look good in ur choice but to say this..if not u will cum look for me..hahax..JKwhen are u gonna have a gatherin..sianzation.u owe me TESTI..=DD<333 bridget"

YES I AM VAIN... lol and im flattered to know that i am photogenic.. LOL

Im tired, and im preparing to meet joa later on. CIAO.

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