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Sunday, November 27, 2005

i nearly forgot to say this.

IF ever i can kill someone, oh yes the 1st person on my mind is no longer

i have happily replaced him by my boss.

She's ranking high up on the no 1 to kill list. I would love to see her face when we ( yes we,me and immelia) is going to quit together. Once we found another stupid job that is.

Would be seriously beg or ask us to stay for a few more days till she find another girl? Would she say " FINE GO AHEAD!!"

Would she ask us nicely why?
Would she start scolding us and say why we didnt give her a few days advance notice?
Would she...i cant think of any more would she...

im having very short but frequent mental blocks.

im having lots of fun making my stupid avatars. Fun but stupid. Boredom can do lots of disastrous stuffs like spoiling ur brain. Containminating it. OMG


I am running out of books to read!!! I lost interest in that stupid stephen white. i need new authors. Anybody has any book to reccomend. ANY BOOK AT ALL... Im almost done with my 2nd round of POTTER.

And joa says i should save my money for driving lessons instead of doing my hair.
life is full of contradictions.
and u can never have enough money.

and today, its either the stupid network is topsy turvy.
Or my phone is mad
Or everyone is just simply not replying my messages.



ITS 2.10am and i cannot get to sleep because i keep coughing.
I can taste my blood in my throat already.
And there's nothing for me to cough out.
I feel breathless just by coughing.
I cough and cough
and cough cough cough...

As though im going to stupidly die from coughing.

*scratches throat.

He didnt bother to reply both my SMS and my MSN messages. I think he died. O.O

and im beginning to love my all new diet. Its great money saving plan. $20/week or even lesser.
I don wanna weigh myself and see a stupid drop in my stupid weight.
I have been trying to eat more. But i just end up either vomiting, or i just cant eat anymore.

And im wondering what are u doing cause u are not replying me. PFFFFT
MY sunflower is dying...
Blogging in random thoughts is fun. and i need to go apply for the POSB mastercard. =)

anyone nice enough to sponsor my medical bills so that the doctor can give me some "anti-throat itching that causes breathless cough" medicine.

im breathless.

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