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Friday, November 25, 2005

i just only pathetically hit 1k readers. CAN U ALL COME AND READ MY BLOG EVERYDAY. lol

I am coughing and puking real hard.

I am coughing cause of the weather. I am puking cause im coughing very hard. My stomach stopped churning acid juices. cause i ate so much yesterday.

I just found someone who has the same name as my cousin. and i thought it was my cousin cause the name is relatively UNIQUE. his name is WYMAN.


this indonesian lady aka our supplier is so nice. She asked if i wanted to learn hip hop. LOL i said yes and then she said she'd go hunt one nice and cheap etc etc and den update me. HOW NICE. she's more lk a friend than a supplier. always chatting with me.

I realised a couple of our suppliers dont actually like our boss. Speaking of her. She landed yesterday night. I still have no idea where did she go. Perhaps today i will get the answer.

Town to meet YM to get my anime, walk to meridien to pass _my _oh some stuffs, chit chat with imm till he calls me. *laughs

And poor zQ is having monetary problems. Wish i can be of some help. But i need to save up for my driving.

I just chanced upon this song Pornography by Client. It's nice. and no its not sang by a horny bastard or wadever.

This issue of HerWorld is a KILLER. almost half as thick as harry potter's 4th,5th,6th book. And many discounts and previledges too. IM going to lay my hands on TBS's brushes SOON.

*dances round and round to pornograhy.

my dad bought an adapter for the stupid laptop as well. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my dad? If he wanted to buy an adapter for the laptop, why did he buy another computer in the 1st place. If he got so much money, why cant he sponsor my driving lessons.

i finally figured out where i got my weird genes from.

i miss my baby niece. I wonder can she still recognise me.

Take my hand, and take me to where u wanna be
I'd take ur hand, and let u lead me.
I am everything because of you.
[copyright of immelia aka dalilprincess]

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