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Thursday, November 24, 2005

i had a bad night. (no my nose stud didnt drop out).

it happened just 15mins before i off my monitor. I PUKED. nothing came out except water.
and den after my 1st puking, i went to my com, sat for another 2 mins, and i ran to the toilet to puke again.

i ate a decent meal yesterday. I had thosai from komala vilas from lil india, Imm's dad bought it for us. I ate at about 3.30pm of which i didnt eat anything else for the rest of the day.

I reckon, my stomach had been churning on nothing but acid juices and thus, my body finally couldnt take it and puked. TWICE.

horrible feeling. i hate puking.

And this morning, my elder sister had to wake me up at 730am to ask me to let her use the com for a while.

I woke up and then, i puked again. And den i went back to sleep. Hoping the disgusting feeling will go away.

Apparently, my nosely lil irritating sister saw me puking(yesterday and today) and reported to my mom saying(in chinese) : " second sister keep vomiting. Dont know what is wrong with her."

I woke up the 2nd time, and i went to the loo. Walked past my mom and she said(in chinese) : " U GO AND EAT THE LOR MAI GAI I BOUGHT. U DON EVERYDAY DONT EAT DONT EAT. SEE LA, NOW U KEEP VOMITING. U BETTER GO AND EAT. IF U DONT EAT, U DONT GO TO WORK!!!"

I know she is not capable of forbiding me to go to work. Afterall i have the keys anyway. Or i can always crawl out from my room window. Then again, she cant lock me inside my room, cause my room's lock is from the inside. LOL

She meant to threaten me in such a way that, if i dont eat, she'd tell my dad ( oh my so beloved daddy) and den my dad will tell all my relatives, and then all my relatives will keep calling me up to ask what is wrong. And then, I CANNOT WORK IN PEACE.

I shot her an eye look, grab a lunch box, and walked back to room.

BO BIAN. tio threaten, die die must eat.

I opened the box, and this is wad i found.

Image hosted by

LOR MAI GAI!!! goodness, im going to get indigestion from all the glutinous rice. Oh i love glutinous rice though. but but... i don wanna put anything inside my mouth~~!!!!

And thus i tucked in, my mom kept walking into my room to check if i am eating or im going to throw it away. YES I ATE THE LOR MAI GAI OKAY!!!

and this was what was left.

Image hosted by

1/3 of it left. i cant eat anymore.

I AM NOT ANOREXIC. yes loss of appetite, but its cause i didnt wanna chew/bite.
and i am not doing this cause my aim is to lose weight.

It's difficult to explain. Only immelia and perhaps joa and qi and ying too know wad im talking about. Now i finally know how it feels. I shall stop forcing people to eat as well.

i realised, i look very sloppy and auntie`fied when im at home.

Image hosted by

i dont even give a damn if my hair is tied nicely. 90% of the time, i spend my time in my room. Unless i had to entertain some stupid door-to-door people and my other siblings and my dad refuses to bother. And the people at the door would always think i own the house cause i look so old. O.O

I just remembered. The australian couple that dropped by 3 days ago. The husband commented that we had good english. *laughs. And he didnt believe i was born locally and raised locally.

That's the 3rd time caucasians have commented i have good english. i am proud of myself. And they always dont believe that im born and raised locally right here in singapore. Somehow, i felt that i've made singapore proud. *laughs

im patriotic okay. =)
I still feel nauseous.

Loving you is my daily routine.
Thinking of you is an always thing.
[copyright of immelia aka dalilprincess]

PS : the copyright thing, is put up so that people cannot accuse me of copying immelia. IF u hop over to her blog here you will realise she does the italics thingy at the end of her blog posts as well. And bear in mind, i DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD, in fact, i do not hop over, see wad she wrote for the day and rephrase it to make it mine. I just typed wadever's on my mind. So thank you very much for reading this small note.

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