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Thursday, November 17, 2005


yes i mean seriously STALKED.

This is how the (grandfather)story goes....

Walked past this black guy while at DG's MRT platform to get to the middle of the platform(like i always do). He smiled at me, i ignored it and continued walking.
Whipped out my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and started reading while waiting for the train to arrive.

Next thing i know, this same black guy was standing near me( in the middle platform) waiting for the train as well.

Train arrived. Boarded the train. Moved to the centre of the carriage(where its less crowded). He followed suit. Thank god for the 2 chinese girls who were standing in between me and him. Found a seat, sat down and continued reading my potter.

Soon after, he found a seat opposite my row of seats. Quite some distance away, but still within viewing distance.

Train ride was highly uncomfortable as he kept staring at me.

Trained reached woodlands station. He hasn't alighted yet. Starts getting worried. REAL WORRIED. started planning in my head. What if he alighted at marsiling with me. I'd walk to the passenger service and tell them about this black guy who is(supposedly) stalking me.

After all, they'd just to stall him wont they? They passenger service crew at marsiling knows me quite okay seeing that i have been here for the past 10++ years.

Figured out, they cant stall him for long either.
Number 1 : no evidence he is stalking me. He might really just happened to live near marsiling mrt station.
Number 2 : Marsiling station is very clear cut. Only 2 main turns(right or left). Of which, after u made the main turn, You'd be able to see where everyone is going. Which means, if he managed to see which turn i made and had managed to escape from the clutches of the passenger service crew, he'd "hunt" me down VERY SOON.
Number 3 : God knows how long the passenger crew can stall him.

Thus during that 1 min, i figured out, its a bad plan. BUT at that point, its the ONLY PLAN.

Decided to make my presence less felt by standing up and leaving my seat when the train entered the station. Quickly closed my book and made my way to the front carriages such that i can make my way down the escalator quickly and seek help.

That black guy, didnt follow me. Which i though was relieving. I stood near the door, where i was blocked by a group of 4 aunties. Thus i was left out in the "OPEN" where everybody who turn their heads from any carriages can see me standing there. ( the train's pretty empty ).

The next thing i know, from the side of my eye. I saw the black guy bending down(from his seat) to see where i was. OH GOD, dammit, he spotted me.

He didnt make an effort to stand up immediately. However, when the train stopped and the door opened, i took a step forward following the aunties as i was alighting the train. I SAW THE BLACK GUY DASHING OUT OF THE STUPID TRAIN AND LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION AT THE SAME TIME.

I immediately stepped back, turned around and quickly found a corner seat. I look horrified, startled, so terrible looking that the people in the train looked at me with the " are u okay" look.

Quickly made an effort to decide which station should i alight? Should i alight further away to stall more time such that when i return to the staion, the chances of him being there is lower. Or should i alight at Kranji, and den take a bus home.

The latter plan was treated with disregard considering the fact that Kranji has much lesser people. More foreigners and quieter. Besides the bus stop is about mins walk from the station. Might not be a wise idea.

What fears me the most was. What if he had decided to wait at marsiling station for my appearance. What made me think so? The fact that if u see someone who is GOING TO ALIGHT the train, but is nowhere to be found at the station is very queer.

Unless he sees it such that i had tricked him into alighting at that station. Otherwise, the chances of him thinking that i had deliberately decided ( last min ) not to alight is of a higher possibilty.

I decided to take a risk(Life is about risk taking after all right?) after looking at the timings for the next train(s) towards JE/Marina Bay. It's. 3 mins each. I prayed REAL HARD that the guy decided to board the next train at marsiling station.

IF he was to board the train towards JE, he would have missed me. HOWEVER the bigger risk was that, what if he was to board the train towards Marina Bay ( which was the train im going to take). And if in any case, he is to take the train that im on, the chances of him seeing me on the exact the same door is pretty small.

Because i understand that people move to less crowded areas.

I had even wore my jacket, carried my bag in a different manner such that my outlook would have to different.

I had stood near the door, but behind some people such that if ( suey suey) we were at the same door, i could have squeezed my way out with the people and he will have to be squeezed in by the people behind him.

DARING. BOLD. STUPID. but i had to choose and make decisions fast.


I opened my eyes real big to keep a lookout. NO SIGN OF the black guy. I was relieved but i was still cautious. I was on the phone with my friend then to calm my nerves slightly cause i was so freaked out i was on the verge of tears.

I left the station with extra caution. Looking and turning my head around every few minutes to make sure i wasn't followed.
Though i was on the phone with my friend, who tried to calm me down, but still i was really scared.

The only time i was relieved was when i was home SAFE AND SOUND. THANK GOD.

It's the worst experience ever.

Thanks immelia and ZiQuan.

Nonetheless, my day was still great. With a trip to orchard.
Bought the lil one her slippers. Charged under my account mind you. I dont know why she always wanna ask me buy things for me one. why she dont ask other people. I very nice to bully iszit.

Had subway for my lunch. Of which i had offered her my cookie. Its not nice to see people eat u know. And i dont like people to see me eat. SO WEIRD. EAT must EAT TOGETHER.

Walked around a lil, hereen`ed. And i ended up giving in to temptation. Bought this pair of matching necklace and bracelet for $18. Its meant to be a buy 1 get 1 free thingy. So instead of paying $36 for it. I only paid $18 for it. then again, i figured they only worth $18. LOL

Its so scary, it keep flashing on my mind. I need someone to escort me home every night. ANY VOLUNTEERS? I got no $ to pay you. But i can treat u to a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner/hi-tea/supper.

I cant sleep, because of you.
You're on my mind, always.
[copyright of immelia]

PS : i still can rmbr wad that black guy wore. A golf-like WHITE CAP, with either 2 or 3 black strips. Something like ADIDAS.
Either a white t-shirt or a singlet underneath a white vertical stripped(black,red,blue i think) shirt. Jeans and sneakers. Carrying a (supposedly) 7610 handphone.

He's a devil.*SNARLS

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