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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I FINALLY HAD A GOOD REST. in weeks, i had insufficient rest and yesterday i finally had it. Not cause i have no more problems but cause i decided to make myself sleep. By doing the "breathe in breathe out" method again.

And like i've said, i fell asleep before i even know it.

Alot of things has been on my mind. And the heartache that im going through. The fact that with this particular incidents made me see how much ive changed over the past years. How forgiving i have become. How patient and how tolerant i am than i can imagine. *shakes head.

The heartache of which u cannot imagine. I had to get something done, to rid of the heartache. To numb myself, or at least temporary. Headed to town with imm and this is wad i got.

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A nose piercing. To my disappointment, the pain subsided very quickly. within 5 mins. Please do not get the wrong idea that i am piercing myself to mark this very fateful day. A couple of you already knew i had been wanting to get one. And i figured this was the perfect time.

Imm said i was brave. Cause im afraid of needles. As you can see from the pic, my nose is still slightly red. however right now, i feel no pain at all. Rather i feel a lil hole in my left nostril. And look at my lashes in the pic, so long. OMG

Strolled around, she became depressed as well. I should be the depressed party but i had decided to let the numbess of the "pain" from the piercing get to me. Sat down outside coffee club at somerset and chatted.

Chatted about everything. Life, boyfriends, life, family, life. Everything. Its been some time since i talked with someone. Its kinda hard to imagine me talking/discussing. Cause most of my friends reckon im just plain playful and yes bimbotic.

I ACT BIMBOTIC cause its just fun. Then again, im not all that bimbotic. How can u find a bimbo that has scored all A for her GP through the 1.25 JC years. Or a 13 point for L1R5 for O levels.

I just dont see the need to put my brain to work when there isnt such necessity. Sometimes feeling stupid, lessen my stress level.

Not going to mention much about the incident. After all it is between me and him. I've outgrown the bitchy me where i would have flame him terribly by posting EVERYTHING here. But its stupid, and its pointless.

Especially when it concerns none of you. As for my close friends, i wont repeat the story, if u have questions(precise ones), ask me and i will answer you. I wont give a full recollection of the story cause number 1, its too lengthy. number 2, privacy.

Gotta train from somerset home the next few days cause the boss out of town and she left the entire shop to me. Bah, and im expected to do this this this this this this this this this this this this this. And not forgetting to deposit the daily sales to her OCBC account, meaning i need to walk over to specialist centre. ( BAD BAD MEMORIES)

had to stay away from love songs for the period of time. Not until he gets back to me(information wise.)

Not gonna say much this time round.

Too many heartaches too many times.
But i always loved you.
Even if my world falls down on me,
i'd still love you.
Even if the sun dont shine,
i'd still love you.
Even if you did wrong,
i'd still love you.
All i want, is to be back in your arms.
All i need, is for you to come back.
All i wish, is for the nightmare to end.

you're all i ever wanted.
you're all i ever need.

oh god, give me the courage.
Gimme the courage, to finish my job,
to let me go free, to end my worries.
Gimme the courage to leave,
to leave this dark world, to leave my memories.

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