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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I couldnt stand looking at the previous template for another day. Thus i had changed it. Those who had a preview of it. Good for you, i understand the scrolling and navigating ordeal u had went through.

Those who didnt. Better still, u didnt have to go through anything bad.

Thus this template. I always like simplicity. Nothing too fanciful but a banner. =)

Work's been fine. Better sales today compared to the last 3 days i worked. WHERE IS THE CROWD!!!

Then again, its not like an improvement in sales = pay increment.

Headed to work earlier den usual cause i got a lift from daddy. He sent my younger sister to serangoon ave 2 before dropping me at a turn behind PARAGON. He chased me out of the car cause the turn was supposed to bring him back to CTE. O.O he had made the wrong turn.

And i had to walk all the way from Paragon to specialist centre to deposit the cash and then walked to meridien. Walking is good exercise.

With the amount of calories intake i am having, and the amount of calories i am burning while walking. If i do not lose a single KILOGRAM. i will KILL MYSELF. Then again ive already lost 2kg. =)

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How to differentiate sharmain when she is serious and when she is bimbotic.

1. her tone of voice. If im serious, i talk properly, and sometimes in a demanding manner. If im being bimbotic, i'd sound stupid. =)

2. the look on her face. If im serious, im relatively emotionless, unless u wanna call that the serious look. If im bimbotic, i'd look retarded.

3. (non discussion case) If im serious, im more quiet. If im bimbotic, im more noisy.

4. (discussion case) If im serious, id provide u will lots of facts and ideas that u wouldnt think i would have churned out. If im bimbotic, i wont give a damn about the discussion.

5. (Working) If im serious, id concentrate on doing my work and not smile. If im bimbotic, id keep smiling and complaing and whinning about my work load.

6. The way i stand/sit. If im serious, i'd be standing/sitting stiffly with a couple of fidgets here and there. If im bimbotic, i cant sit/stand still.

7. (answering questions) When im serious, i give straight-forward answers. Those that u wont ask more. When im bimbotic, i give u lengthy answers followed by stupid illogical reasonings.

8. (listening to others) IF im serious, i'd give u my attention and i can hear your every single sentence, perhaps with occassional question to clarify my doubts. If im bimbotic, id make stupid remarks as u talk.

8 key points to seeing which me am i when u're talking to me. =)

It's a tiring day.

My love for u grows with every single day.
You are the light of my life
[copyright of immelia aka dalilprincess]

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