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Monday, November 14, 2005


i managed to set up the stupid wireless router and the PCI adapter all by myself.
*take note : i am a girl. *laughs

Firstly i had managed to set up the 2 damn PCs all by myself. ( not like ive never done it). The annoying part is that my dad didnt help in the entire process at all.

Today, my dad gave me a ring to tell me he bought the wireless router already. (yes while i was at work).

I reached home to figure out everything. HE OPENED UP EVERYTHING AND LEFT EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. omg. it was so messy i had to spend time to look for the correct installation CD.

The cables were fine. No problems. However on my 1st and 2nd attempt, some problems came up and had requested me to contact my ISP. troublesome thingy going on. Called starhub customer care to get the necessary info of which the guy told me there isnt such a need. He merely asked me to unplug one of the cables( of which i did).

And TADA it worked well.

Now on to my stupid com which i had forgotten how i opened the case the previous time. DELL TECHNICAL SUPPORT SUCKS. They're operation hours is from 9am to 6pm.

1st thing, normal working hours. How iszit therefore possible for the 9-5 working people call them up to asked about the com when they're at work and not at home? Doesnt make sense does it.

Why cant they be like starhub. 24 hours. that's wad i call CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY.

Thus i had to search high and low for my DELL owner's maunal. Flipped to the page, took a quick glance, and the rest is history. I cannot believe that my house dont have much screwdriver. and i had to resort to unscrew this really tight screw with an extremely small screwdriver which nearly gave me blisters on my fingers.

AND YES i did it. ALL BY MYSELF. im so proud of myself. *flowing tears of happiness. For that 2 hours, i felt like a guy. >.<

anyways, like ive said. im really proud of myself. *grins.

now i can be online anyday, anytime i want. ^^

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