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Monday, November 28, 2005

I am pretty much on the verge of collapsing anytime.

I felt so giddy at work that i nearly fainted and fell onto a chair. Be glad i was at the reception counter got chair to sit.

I was walking up the stairs to the hotel toilet and i nearly slipped and fell cause i was giddy.

I vomited 2 times(consecutively) while in the toilet.
and i look EXTREMELY pale.

U know wad does pale looks like?
Have any idea?
Wanna know?

Image hosted by

That is pale. Lips is so light-pink. No signs of redness in my face. Terrible eyebags + dark eye circles. Eyes look dead.

And my boss has asked me to take off tomorrow. Cause im sick. Or at least sick-lookin enough to scare off customers. LOL

I nearly died while walking home from the mrt station.

My dinner today was FISHBALL NOODLES(kway tiao soup)...

Imms said i need meat. I think i need love rather. *grins

I figured my mother will drag me out of bed tomorrow to see a doctor. Cause im coughing badly too. And i do not wanna see a doctor in case the stupid doctor decide to diagnose me with EATING DISORDER and give me pills.

OR worse, recommend me to a psychologist. BAH

I will be fine. I promise. I am trying to eat. REALLY. cant blame me if i cant finish. cause if i force myself to eat more, i will vomit. I really cannot take it. My stomach just refuses to digest my food properly, causing the constant throwups.

I really hope, this will go away soon. It's eating into my health.

A long lengthy nagging entry up soon. KAYPOH friends. please take note. *laughs

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