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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I AM GETTING REALLY IRRITATED with this stupid ah xiong affair.

I cant even go to the loo in peace. Today suay suay i go toilet, must see his sister.
If that's not worse enough, she must bombard me with senseless questions again.

I was washing my hand when she asked " Got boyfriend anot?"
I replied "yes, i got boyfriend le"

She den proceeded to ask " So means no chance la? Or still got chance"

I pretended i didnt hear anything and i went to wash my cups.


Why i will never never never in my entire life, even like that ah xiong.

1. I am too in love with my boy
2. He likes me, he dont even dare to try and know me personally.
3. He is dumb. from that stupid incident immelia told me. Its enough.

URGHS. i hope i get the job at empress place. PLEASE LET ME GET THE JOB!!!

MY dad said i shouldnt get it... And after much debating with my inner me. i have decided to go down for an interview tomorrow. So if i do get the job, its fun + fun + more fun. Imms and me and jeslyn. COOL...

Working at Indochine.. Even cooler... Got free transport home BEST.

=) but im worried about my health. =( and im thinkin how i should tell the siao charbor.

Been a relatively uneventful day other den some idiot waking me up.
Meeting my boy for lunch at my hse which was accompanied by lots of crap talking on how PHS and YCK pple should fight it out. *laughs

Oh and did i mention that the indonesian supplier came today and gave me a pair of free earrings. FREE OKAY. FOC. =) such a nice lady.

I wanna learn dancing la. i wanna learn i wanna learn i wanna learn. but right now its still driving first. AND I HAVEN GOT MY THEORY BOOK. *sobs

why cant u guys be enthu about me taking up driving. URGHS

December. In another 30 days, it'd be 2006. So fast, it seems just lk yesterday when i quitted JC.

Seems just like yesterday when i took my O levels.
And i received my results
And i got posted to JJC.
And then i passed my promo on conditional basis.
And then, i quitted JC.
Worked and more work.

Cant believe, a year passed by so quickly.

I love the people around me.
Those that had known me for 6 years. =)
Those that only knew me well in our sec 4 years...
The one that i had been so in love with.
The one friendship that has blossom in such a short span.
The friendship that is distant, but close to the heart.

These people (should) know who they are. I have only mentioned 6 people in the above. =)

Nonetheless, i had never loved myself as much as i love others. =)

i have a fetish for policeman.

Let us walk together side by side
In good times and bad times
Be there for you always.

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