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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i am actually very lazy to type out wad i had wanted to type out.

Sorry. So until i have the mood. *laughs i will not type anything as yet.
Towning with kids later. Imms and her nieces. OMG

where are the daddies.. I think i am going to be mistaken as mother today liao.


breakfast : 1 slice of bread which i couldnt finish

Lunch : american breakfast which i had vomited out.

and i didnt go and see a doctor cause my mother was sleeping when i woke up. *laughs

I am so looking forward to friday now. sec sch gathering. i miss my friends. ALL OF THEM. My beloved er zi, zhigang, gar blah blah blah...the girls.. Haven seen qi and ying for ages.

So much to update for everybody. Drifted yet together. I cant imagine my sec school life without them. The skipping of lessons. Ponning of school. Recess`ing together. Chattering at "that" corner of the class. We were the nortorious lot. Fun.

Time cannot bring us back. I wish i can go back and tell myself then to treasure all i have now cause 2 years down the road, i can only walk down memory lane and remincise over it. '

Blimey. How time flies.

Set the curse upon me.
Take away my breathe.
and let me drown in ur blood.
Inflict the pain onto my bare skin,
Release my soul.

Loving you comes easily. =)

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