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Saturday, November 26, 2005

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WHAT!! u said im a big baby!!!

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I LOVE MY NIECE. she is so cute........ and yes she is big and she is almost 3 months old. =) I LOVE HER.

Met up with imms to make a trip down to toa payoh for some time-killing activities. Aka shopping to us girls.

Met up and she bought me this :

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Me and my sunflower!!!

And thus i decided to buy her a ROSE.

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our flowers.

Had our lunch at the food court. And all of a sudden, i had an outbreak again. Remember i mentioned about the red spots on my neck and chest which didnt itch nor pain. Here's how it looks like :

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This time, it wasnt as bad as the previous time. ziquan says it happens due to extreme hunger/starvation. LOL

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US. lol outside kiddy palace. in kiddy seats. LOL my butt was too big to fit into the kid's seat. O.O

Headed down to Bugis cause tpy was starting to bore us.

Walked around and went to Bugis Village which i had bought immelia a PRINCESS t-shirt. lol Im a nice friend. yes i know =)

Went over back to Bugis Seiyu to wait for ziquan's arrival. Walked around and immelia spotted this while i was withdrawing money.

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it was at topman. LOL i am so tempted to get it. But he will NEVER ever wear it. LOL pointless la.

Stupid ziquan took forever to reach bugis from somerset.
Headed to liang seah street for our "dinner". I ate chicken rice's chicken only. LOL i had no appetite. PLEASE STOP THINKING I AM ANOREXIC. i am perfectly fine. I AM also not using this as a way to lose weight. OMG

Take it as im sick, and ive no appetite. OKAYS?

Called a cab and waited for it to arrive. Photowhoring took place for a mins.

US 3. i look EXTREMELY SPASTIC. and i put on the glasses cause i wanted to hide my tired and restless looking eyes.
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ME and ZiQUAN. He is also his brother's secondary school classmate. LOL *nods.

Gave ziquan this XMAS candy bar that i had initially bought for Angelia. OKAYS lets see. I had initially wanted to buy for ziquan. But imms said he might not meeting us. So i decided i shall get it for ahqi cause she might be working at bugis today.

I bought the candy bar, went to wallet shop only to know she is not there. And thus the candy was given to zQ. either way, I HAD U BOTH IN MIND, so please dont think that either of u were a substitute for the candy bar. LOL

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He loves me. I know it. And i love him too. U cant deny our sisterly love. ps : he's gay.

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CLUBBING? i was invited to join zQ and his friends at newrooms bar, but im too lazy and im too tired. besides i need to work tmr and i dont feel too good to go clubbing. Thus i had rejected his kind offer.

The pic was taken in the merc cab that had turned up so unexpectedly. LOL the fella told imm it was a normal cab and not a merc cab. Then again, it doesnt matter.

I bought perfume and a new bag. =) i still wan my hugo boss woman.

for more details which i might have left out and some pics which i have not uploaded. please kindly refer to THIS blog here.

Loving you every single second
Every minute, every hour, everyday.
Forget u not.

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