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Monday, November 21, 2005


Zin : nice. very nice. when u got it?
Hafi : NICE LEI. got it yesterday iszit. NICE~~
dad : - no comments-
elder sister : oooo cool
younger sister : pain anot har.


what a very big difference in reactons. O.O
i told her, im not a big fan of seafood.
1. I cant eat prawns ( allergy)
2. i only like to eat fishes
3. I dont like to eat sotongs, clams,oysters etc..
4. Crabs, lobsters etc are not part of my normal day diet.
5. im on deliberate starvation now.

slept at 4 last night. Ever since i had the piercing, i slept on my right side such that the left side of my face wont touch the pillow, and it wont affect the piercing.g

I also had the habit of touching my nose when i can to make sure the piercing was there.

AT 5.30, i touched my nose. NO NOSE STUD. i jumped out of bed, on the lights and i faster took out the spare nose stud(Crystal) that i had bought earlier. Managed to find the star nose stud on my nose and i quickly took it to my dressing table.

NO STUDS. GOT HOLE. I immediately SHOVED THE ENTIRE NOSE STUD INTO MY NOSE. i didnt even push it in gently, i put the entire stud in just like that. OMG

after that i went to bed, and began to felt the pain. I felt dumb.

Im loving my piercing everyday.


im loving you much more everyday too.

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