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Saturday, November 26, 2005


when its in the middle of the night at 4am in the morning. And u cannot sleep and u have nothing to do.

And u are like me.

U will end up bloggin more and more and more.

I love my new glasses. Though i wont deny that its attention seeking. BUT ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE. i look less auntish.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

SAME PERSON. SAME SMILE. almost the same clothes. Different nose studs and most importantly, DIFFERENT GLASSES.

LOOK how much more student`ish i am now. and my nose stud is bigger. =)

i like my new glasses. U should too. =) be daring, go for a drastic change. be like me. NOSE PIERCING plus YELLOW glasses.

now who dares say im auntie`ish.

Let me be the one.
The one who loves you.
The one who needs you.
The one who'd always be there for u when u need her to.
The one who cares about u constantly.
The one who thinks if u are home safely.
The one who worries all the time.
The one who prays for u all through the night.
The one who will always answer ur calls.
The one who will wait patiently for you.
The one who will never fail to please you.
The one who will promises, that she will never leave you.
The one who will give up her world for you.
The one who wanna share ur sorrows.
The one who will always and forever, love you.

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