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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yes and i've finally read Harry Potter's 1st book. but within 24hours, i finished it. O.O

Now im grumbling over what else is there for me to do, unless im gonna watch my Finding Nemo for the duno-how-many times of which i wont. No VCDs no books. Only plain boring music which accompanies me to and fro from work.

Amy's being such an irritant. She's a not that B-word, she's just ANNOYING. as much as i would use the B and S word on her, its just not appropriate, cause she's not one.

Charmed's new season is back and oh yes they're 1st episode of the new season premieres on channel 5 today at 10pm so tat BOSS better let me off at 9pm. Earlier i dont mind but my running nose is gone. Oh did i mention that she shoo`ed me off work at 8pm last night cause she's afraid i'd past my 'flu' to her.

i AM NOT HAVING A FLU...its just sensitive nose and i kept sneezing, that's all. But who to blame when she has an even poorer and lousier immune system than me and tend to be sick nearly 24-7.

Im so grumpy today so please put up with it.

Doors to singlehood is now ajar to me. If situation persists, i'd be in it. *smiles

Yes im pretty much fine, not much tears nor grumbling and the smart ones probably already figured out the personal reason for me changing my blog to blogspot. =) cheers to the smart`ies.

have i ever ever mentioned that i seriously somehow think that i might be suffering from a eating disorder. nope, not your usual bullimia nor aneroxic. Its more of "i-will-continue-to-eat-and-eat-until-there-is-no-food-or-till-i-vomit"

That's a pretty long name. ^^ im too lazy to search for the right term for it anyway.

Vic's been naughty. whinning and crying for people to carry her. But ive been too lazy to whip out my phone and take pictures of her. Instead i even provoked her with a char siew pau from crystal jade last night and she hit my char siew pau away from my hand. O.O i hate her...Poor char siew pau... kenna attacked my my niece. O.O

Then again Vic's such a terrific baby cause she has no teeth and her biting wont hurt at all.

I've been getting unwanted, yes UNWANTED attention these few days. especially on the MRT. im not sure if it has to do with the way i dress, the things i carry or just.... MY ARTIFICIAL LOOKING BLUE EYES. sometimes i just have to ignore it but it gets so bad i had to STARE BACK and just try to frighten them. Yes i do have a frightening stare at times.

Im grumpy cause i have an ulcer.
Its mapling time before i head off to work.
CIAO~ =)

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