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Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend is finally over. Had a great day out on both days with imm and him.

Headed to town for a lil shopping. Yes with imm and him. Its kinda hard to keep saying imm and him.

He's nice. I mean willingly waited for me while i try on jeans and shoes and run around. Didnt spend much time together cause imm was going home to break fast so i thought, might be a lil awkward for us both to be alone. =)

And yes i know u read my blog. and yes im complementing you, be happy that i am.


Bought a pair of jeans( finally) to make up for my hole-y 593 and tappered 599. LOL
bought a pair of POINTED PATENT BLACK HEELS. omg omg, both imm and him agreed that it looks gorgeous. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. its kitten-heels though. better den nothing i supposed.

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Didnt take a picture of myself in the jeans.

Mugging with imm at JE library. Didnt turn out to be very successful though can we were distracted by the yummylicious food at cafe galilee and by her 'missing wallet'.. LOL

There was even a STAR WARS thingy going on at the library and yes, there was Luke Skywalker, Princess Lia and Darth Vader, and their very singlish-sounding english.. *burst out laughing.

Headed down to town area cause imm wanted to meet her er-ge to take her wallet which she had conveniently forgotten to bring, but we ended up not meeting her brother cause he was at CHIMJES. O.O

Bought my SLIPPER from VNC( like finally)... *phew

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Marina square'd for a while before he turned up. Been a relatively tiring and emotional day for me. Lots of crying, lots of tearing, lots of memories came flowing back. Poor him, having to bear with all my craziness.

Before i continue, i must say that saturday was the HAPPIEST and MOST DEPRESSING days so far.

For the 1st time in my 18 years, i received my very 1st stalk of flower from a guy. And sadly its not my boyfriend. It came from him. Really sweet of him to do something like that. One rose, REAL rose, Red rose.

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That made my happiest day so far.

My worst day?

"I miss you, i really wanna to see you now"

"I gotta work tomorrow. And there's football on the telly."

'nuf said. I dont reckon there is a need for an elaboration or explantion i guess?

It's perhaps by far, the most number of times i cried in public.

Bowling nearly made me cried, but i held back. it was one of his hobbies. it still is. I gave up halfway and let imm played the remaining games.

Headed to swensen's for lunch with him. He sat opposite imm, and i sat beside imm. I had an outside-view seat. Turned my head up to look at the 2nd floor.

It was the restaurant Han's. I broke down and cried. I figured the poor couple sitting beside us would be wondering wad the hell is wrong with me.

Had a lil barcadi which i kapok from imm cause she's not supposed to drink too much anyway. Was already feeling a lil drunk during dinner. I didnt touch any alcohol throughout the day. I just felt DRUNK. Tipsy, wadever...

Imm suggested walking over to esplanade and den to clark quay. Tagged along with him still following.

....and after all... you're my wonderwall...

I CRIED AGAIN for the 2nd time... The stupid live band at the stupid esplanade is singing that song. AN OASIS SONG. no wonder imm suggested walking faster. She heard the tune before me, but it was too late. I burst out crying and cursed at the stupid band and asked them to shut up.

Poor him had to try and come up with jokes to make me smile.

Walked along esplanade. Singing, strolling ( and complaining of the warm weather)...

Saw this couple sitting on this stool that we once sat on. Facing the singapore river( if im not wrong.)... I CRIED AGAIN... 3rd time....

settled down at the bridge at Clark Quay. Took some time to climb up this stupid WALL??? Cause imm and him made it and on my 1st attempt, i got STUCK. LIKE A STUPID TURTLE...

Sat down and stoned. Not to forget messaging him the above message. Look at 10 paragraphs above. LOL...

CRIED AGAIN... omg omg...

I feel so vulnerable. SO fragile.

Work yesterday was terrible. Had a splitting headache. Tiredness, fatigue. Agony.

I did mention that my boss has a habit of sticking post-sticks everywhere right..

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Today will be a better day...

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