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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This is getting really boring. I couldnt sleep last night. My supposedly to be sleep only lasted from 12 to 2am. of which i had nothing else to do and thus i whipped out Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

I read and read and read. I told myself to stop reading once Im tired but before i knew it, i had finish the book. Time check : 5.30am.

Im not tired at all, something's bothering me of which i shall keep to myself. But i never knew that it can affect my sub conscious mind so much. Tried to force myself cause i had this terrible aches in my arm when i try to position it comfortably but somehow the aches wont go away.

RELAXTION i told myself. Breathe in Breathe out. I once read an article that reads : in order to relax yourself and think of nothing else, the best way is to breathe in and out and concentrate on your breathing. Somehow it must have worked cause the next thing i knew, i woke up and its 11am.

Minimal rest, at the most awkward times ever. The last time i had high fever, i was already dozing off at 4++ am. Now 5.30am. O.O

And so its going to be a boring trip to and from work again cause im done with Harry's 3rd book. Unless of which i return to the 1st book(which might be possible). Or i try to run a Harry Potter reading marathon and i will continously read the 3 books one after another in a 2 days?

Its a mad idea, but that's the only thing i can think of to keep me occupied. I aint no speed reader but i just kept reading. I guess its almost time for me to visit the L place aka library and get my dosage of supernatural/magical books to read on.

I do want my series of shopaholic books though. There's like about 5 books so far.

Tonight's program shall be "The Corpse Bride" of which id watch it my room on my laptop since everybody will be bombarding the living room. and dad's using the com. YES HE STILL HAVEN BUY THE NEW COMPUTER YET.

Im so very tempted to buy a new phone now and when my VS7 is out then i'd change again. Absolute waste of good money but its just a temptation. We get that all the time dont we?

when the time is ripe,
i will spill the beans.

yes i do have something to tell u all. and until the time is ripe, i will not say anything. no im not pregnant dont worry. its ridiculous for me to be pregnant at this age at this time anyway.

Mom's acting strangely by complaining/whining to me. U know not in the naggy kinda tone. SO weird, everyone's been nice to me ( in the family )....

Do i look so stressed out or is there some kind of evil aura around me that frightens them? Im feeling exceptionally sleepy right now due to the lack of sleep. Im a night-sleeper, not a day sleeper so i find it very hard to sleep when the sun's up. And that explains why i hardly-almost never take naps unless im sick. =)

Rubbishy entry cause my mind's not very organised right now. Been wanting to blog on Miss _my _oh but i haven really figure out my thoughts yet. Need to write a good 'essay' on it. Planning( like wad miss marilyn ang always say)....

I shall run off and eat chocolate frogs, i mean drink Brand's chicken essence. Wont wanna let _my _oh see me dozing off while at work.

Maplying time.

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