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Monday, October 17, 2005


im very much supposed to be sleeping cause i slept late early this morning. 5am. And im supposed to be sleeping till 2am before waking up and preparing to work. Imm wanted me to arrive earlier such that i can get her BURGER KING. *slurps

Anyway, i dont really enjoy going to work early nowadays.

1. Its not like she'd pay me more for arriving early.
2. Arrive early, SEE HER FACE and listen to her naggings.
3. She'd merely make me work and not pay me for that period of time cause im supposed to start at 4.

Thus i had stop, ALMOST stop arriving work early. Im PUNCTUAL. right on the dot at 4pm, you'd see my face. I wont even be there 10 mins early.

Books. Dracula was a utter disappointmet. It's written in a journal format. First 3 chapters were terrific. But 4th chapter onwards, TERRIBLE. I dont really enjoy reading very lengthy stories where their topic dont revolve round the story itself. Meaning that few chapters werent really involving COUNT DRACULA. so i gave up reading.

COLD CASE starting today. it'd better be good.
oh we're bringing lil baby vic out this coming friday!! ^^ to SIR building. Need to renew my younger sister's passport ( she's 12)... And since we have a choice of 1. bringing vic out with us, OR 2. me staying home with vic. Of cuz i choose the 1st one.

HAHAHAHAH cause if i was to stay home, I cant do anything in peace ( she'd keep crying ), so might as well bring her out.

i need my dosage of chocs.
gimme my cadbury bars.
yummy yummy.

Anybody has any good books to recommend? Im on a reading spree.

U want to groove, imma show u how to move.


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