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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


my stupid UOB card finally came.. But i gotta send back the business reply to link the damn card to my TX account.. why cant they do it when they were processing my card.. damn now i gotta wait for another few days..

Then again, it came earlier den expected. Roughly 10 days rather than the 14-21 days they told me. BUT they should have approved it earlier cause they didnt gimme a temporary card. DAMN

Suddenly everything seems to be finishing. My 2-way cake foundation, my contact lens solution.. EVERYTHING... just when i thought i had extra money to buy more things i want, my supplies start running out.

And i DESPERATELY NEEDS TO GET TO VNC(citylink) to get my slippers!!! i should have asked the sales girl to call the outlet and citylink to check if they have the size i wanted and reserved it for me. And if VNC(citylink) doesnt have it, i gotta hop down to raffles? and i never really like raffles.

Sister's been getting bitchier day by day and is started to climb on my head. Just cause i agree to lend her some of my clothes now and then, she takes it for granted and just happily WALK INTO MY ROOM SAYING " i borrow some of your clothes to wear hor"....

A week ago the conversation was " U mind if i borrow some clothes from you... Cause i need to blah blah blah"...

And she expects people to respect her. WAD A BITCH.

_my _oh's not getting anywhere better. JUST YESTERDAY. i forgot to throw away my ba chor mee container. SHE MESSAGED ME TO TELL ME I DIDNT THROW AWAY MY DINNER BOX!!!!

BLOODY HELL. for that entire day, i had helped her bring her stupid plates back to the foodcourt TWICE. without her even asking me to do it. I DID IT WILLINGLY!!
EVERYDAY i wash the cups and refill the stupid water bottle. HELP ME THROW ONE STUPID DINNER BOX WILL DIE MEH...


"lao hu bu fa wei, dang wo shi bing mao". a very common chinese saying which means, tiger don show her prowess, u think its a sick cat.

BLOODY WOMAN. just cause im more tolerant of you like i am towards all my bosses, it doesnt mean u can take me for granted and bully me hor.

*starts planning my evil plan*

Dad's been a pain in the neck as well. Pissing me off everyday that i dont even wish to see his face. WHY IS EVERYBODY SO F*CKED UP THESE DAYS...

immsy working.
Qi's studying
Joa's working.

NOWDAYS, everyday i do things alone. Walk alone, lunch alone. Practically i do everything alone. What happened to my social life!!

Guys ask me out on dates please... I WANNA DATE ANG MOHS!! CUTE ONES...



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