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Saturday, October 01, 2005

okies. xanga account has been permanently shut down. ^^

lots of changes took place in the past few days. will update soon once i have the time since im over at imms house right now.

Work's been great other than the ever nagging boss i have.Then again she's not all that bad. Been eating alot, guess i put on a couple of pounds as well >.<

new pics up soon. cant really blog decently now that im out.
I have lots of wishes. i really do. i only need a genie to make them come true.

if only u could see the tears, in the world u left behind.
if only u could heal my heart just one more time.
even as i close my eyes, there's an image of ur face
and once again i come to realise,
you're a lost i cant replace.

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