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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i had initially wanted to blog something nice and happy...

but my mood's totally ruined..

nope its not about how terrible my boss is...yes she is irritating and annoying and she pisses me off. but she haven reach the extent of making me boil.

nope its not any of the bitches at home either. They've been staying out of my way and not stepping on my tail. Thank God

There's a saying "It takes 2 years to really know a person's character"

3 YEARS!!!! or somewhere around there, and yet i must say u somehow still cant seem to catch my personality well. Other than some superficial stuffs like i like blue color, i love westlife and that sort of nonsense.

The frequency of my tantrum-throwings should make u realise what sparks me off. And yet u still can continue to spark me off.

Am i that hard to understand or even comprehend? am i such a mysterious figure that u find it so difficult to know what im thinking.

Period pain. ouch.

IM SO ANNOYED!!!!! SO VERY ANNOYED.... i cant even live each day in peace feeling fortunate and loved and appreciated and all the good`ness in the world. Pity me pity me.

Harry to the rescue.

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