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Monday, October 03, 2005

The entire left arm hurts like shit. Im having a running nose.

And im playing Michael Buble's Sway on my com again for lil victoria. I just realised she's a BIG baby. Call me slow if u want, but she's almost 1.5feet now... That's almost 50cm for a 35days old baby. O.O

her body and her legs are about the same length. There's a high chance she'd be a model or a netball(basketball) player in future. Since she's so big... she's even heavier den me at birth. Im 3.5kg and she's 3.6kg.

Babies nowadays just keep getting bigger. I hope my baby wont reach 4kg in future. WAHAHAHAH

Gonna be a good girl and stay home over this coming weekend. Major saving plan. i so wanna get a new phone so its time to save money. Perhaps by the time i've saved enough, VS7 or SA7 would be out. Gone with VS2 since it doesnt have bluetooth, but hor... i hardly use my bluetooth also.... O.O

Can someone tell me why does my left arm hurts like shit but not the rest of my body. its just my LEFT arm and the left shoulder. MY left arm/shoulder is redder den the right arm/shoulder..

I dont fight, I dont argue
I just hit that bitch with a bottle.

OH and i realised that cable in singapore is actually not that expensive. In America its about USD 7o/mth. That's almost SGD150!!!

VCDS anyone? i mean anyone kind enough to lend me nice VCDs/storybooks. Im getting real bored staying home till early afternoon everyday especially when i wake up at 9am everyday. -.-

i hope i wont peel...

im getting really irritated by the friendster's blog thingy. U know the email notice they send u whenever one of your friend update his/her blog. Its so freaking annoying especially when im not that interested in reading their blog...

Mapling time.. For errrr 10mins? LOLX

my niece likes westlife too~~ ^^

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