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Friday, October 14, 2005

Do you know......

I'd do anything you'd ask me to, Anything

I always complain about you, but at the end of the day,you're almost the best.

Just seeing your name in my inbox makes me smile.

I was crying in the car when you were sending me home.

I'd wait patiently for your call everytime you said you'll call even if you dont mean it.

I plan my outings according to your off-days so that i can see you.

I put you in my top priority.

Why i can never be hard-hearted to you.

I take everything you say so seriously that if you merely said you'd meet me in the evening, i'll wait patiently and keep my evening free tillu message me or till the day is over.

You're the person that has made me more patient.

I'd sacrifice everything to catch a glimpse of you.

I'd watch wadever movie you wanna watch even if it doesnt interest me.

I spend nights worrying and thinking of you even when you're away.

I cry over you every single day without fail.

Whatever you said/comment about me affects me the most.

most importantly...

Do you know how much i love you.

Carbs are my favourite indulgence when im down. I've been known to binge on food high in carbs whenever im upset or depressed. Bread, Rice, Muffins....

but its time for a change....

This time round...Im indulging in a dentist's worst nightmare...

Image hosted by

SWEETS AND CHOCOLATES!!!! i gobbled them all up last night before i went to sleep.
Bad for teeth, bad for health. but who cares about them when they serve their purpose well - making me happier...

Vis's been terrific, although i highly suspect she's been learning "tie tou gong" (iron head skill) secretly...

She's not even 2 mths old, but she's as strong as a 2 years old baby...

Image hosted by

She really doesnt like cameras...

Image hosted by

Look at her smile... ps : sorry har, she's so active, hard to capture a good shot...
Image hosted by

look at her curly wirly hair~~~

Image hosted by

She's looks like a "sor por" (meaning silly girl in cantonese)...

I'm tired and i gotta head off to the library soon. Need to stock up on books to kill my boredom especially when imms fasting and i gotta spend my weekends at home... >.<

till then...

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