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Thursday, October 13, 2005

BOSSES can be such a pain in the neck.

especially miss _my _oh. i know i once had a terrible boss back at C.A.N cafe but this one. ITS WORSE.

number 1 trait among bosses - POOR MEMORY.

we're in the sales industry, so thus we need to record our sales down all the time. BUT SHE!!!! she records it down as and when she like. More often than not, she doesnt even bother to record down her sales.

and poor sales girl like me and immelia is required to stock-take every now and then(at least once a week) to check stock. And more often than not, the stock figures, DOESNT TALLY. And thus we'd have to report to her saying " we have (the number) missing stock for the _________________ .

And the very expected reply you will get from her would be. " HOW COME GOT MISSING STOCK AGAIN..." we have always suspected, in actual fact, knew that she's the culprit for the missing stock cause she doesnt account for her own sales in the sales record.

BUT NOW, we finally have EVIDENCE. PROOF!!!! wahahahahaha

i did a stock take yesterday on this particular item. Before i left the shop, i remembered vividly that i had left 17 of them on display on the 1st table. Like i had recorded in my stock-take sheet.
TABLE : 17

Just one hour ago, immelia called me up, saying " there's only 16 on the table"....

There was absolute silence for a second or so. I asked her if there was any sales record of the item in any of the books, she said NO.


thus, how would it be possible for our stock-taking numbers to tally. Its almost impossible. UNLESS i do the stock-taking 3 times a week (which i once did )...

And she blames us for the missing stock, saying things like " sometimes when got customers, u all never pay attention to them, they can easily steal the things. No wonder we have so many missing stock!"

As much as we'd love to argue back saying that most often than not, we'd keep our eyes on the customers if we're alone in the shop. If there's another salesgirl or if she's around, we'd continue with wadever we tend to be doing. Technically, its right isnt it? Why would we need so many people staring at a few customers?

number 2 - Fickle-minded`ness

Working in an accessories shop means we'd have to do up the shop premises nicely and presentably. And our accessories will need tagging of prices etc etc....

As we hang most of our necklaces on racks. We tend to move the racks around, re-arranging them to make more space for our new stock every now and then.

Sometimes she gets her stock in bulk. Thus i will be required to work like a factory machine and do the tagging of prices on the items. As much as i'd love to do something when there's no customers to keep me occupied.

The very least thing u would want is her saying " Aiyo, i think hor, we better put the prices like this instead. Take out all the price tag and make it like this instead"

Try doing that for almost 50-100 pieces of accessories. O.O

I know that doing some work makes time flies faster. but....

A very typical scenerio you'd see in the shop

HER : should we put the things there (A)? OR should we put it (B)?

ME/IMM : Think put it at B is better. Cause .. (our reasoning)

HEr : Hmm no lei, i dont think so ( disagree with our reasoning )... I think put it at A is better.

Thus we have to move the items to location A.
Finish moving all the items to A

HEr : Eh, i think hor, put it at B better lah, cause hor (guves the reason that we have provided earlier on)


As much as we know that you're the boss, you're older and you've seen the world by 20++ more years than us. But it doesnt mean we dont know anything that you know. Besides u are a small tai-tai who doesnt even know how to use the stupid vacuum cleaner and has never done any housework before!!!

Not to mention, yes we girls clean the shop without her help( perhaps her help only contribute to less than 5%)

Number 3 - She contradicts.

When we started working for her. She told us. You all dont have to follow the customers around. They will think we are checking on them and its not too good.

Now she says, You all must always follow the customers around and check on them, in case they steal our things, we already have missing stock. Always help them wear the items blah blah blah....

Im sick of her contradictions.


We're not paid miserably. We're paid okay. Around the normal market rate.

But if there's anybody that's capable of


it will have to be me and immelia.

and she has the cheek to indirectly tell us that we are to blame for the poor sales.

U see, she suspects that we tend to ignore the customers when they enter the shop( which we dont.)

If we sense that the customers needed help, we will. Otherwise we'd leave the customers alone. cause as a customer myself, i know exactly how it feels lk if a sales girl follows u around or tries too hard to sell the items. It makes me wanna walk out the shop.

She thinks that we dont do any work in the shop other den sitting around/messaging/chatting with each other(if the other sales girl is present)....

HOWEVER, she doesnt know that, sales has been poor due to
number 1 - lack of tourist ( the shop is at Le Meridien, beside Istana)
number 2 - exams
number 3 -poor buying power.

She also doesnt know that, we only have a pair of eyes, and a pair of hands.
She keeps comparing us with the new sales girl(Zin) who practically does NOTHING in the shop. Thus the only thing she can do is to serve customers. Does that sound logical to you?

She doesnt stock take?
She doesnt clean the shop?
She doesnt do the 'dirty job'?


IF she doesnt bother to entertain the customers despite her minimal workload, then she really isnt doing anything.

Number 4 - She's always missing.

Bear in mind that almost 70% of the time, me or immelia is alone in the shop. YES ALONE. the shop is not THAT BIG, but its not that small either....

We have to handle the shop alone ( whether its busy or not )... We have to rush to the toilet during non-peak hours. We have to run to the foodcourt to get our food...

Im so tired after blogging this entire entry. OF cuz there's more bad points about _my _oh...
But right now, my brain needs a break...


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